RSS Feeds? Send them to your email.

I like consolidation. I don’t want to have too many different services to check. I had Google Reader handling RSS feeds for a while but I ended up never checking it — for years, I just lived without RSS feeds.

Eventually I had a need to actually subscribe to one — it was the RSS feed for Prime31‘s plugin changelogs. If one of their plugins was updated, I wanted to know about it so that I’d know if I need to change something in one of my apps. I use email all the time so I searched for a way to send RSS feeds to my email — at first I found FeedMyInbox and it was good enough for what I needed (daily digests). They recently announced they were going to be shutting down their service — initially I was sad, but then I found Blogtrottr. It offers more features than FeedMyInbox and it’s free. Needless to say, I definitely recommend it. You can specify immediate updates or daily digests. Super helpful.

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