Thin Wallet

Thick wallets bug me. I bought a dirt cheap wallet off Amazon and modified it for my ideal wallet. For a while I had a magic wallet but it was falling apart so I tried to find a replacement. I wanted to try and go even thinner. I don’t carry much cash, so I mostly just need to hold cards. I found this cheap wallet on Amazon.

It was decent, but not thin enough. Also, cash couldn’t fit anywhere without double-folding it and the ID sleeve didn’t hold cards tight enough. ID sleeves with the transparent plastic seem silly anyway — a lot of places would still need you to take the ID out.

I simply cut off the silly expandable pocket and ID sleeve. Super simple.

To hold cash, I wrap a rubber band and use it as a sort of money clip. I’m sure you could use an actual money clip just as easily, but I had the rubber band lying around and it’s probably thinner than a money clip would be. I have my 3 primary cards in the individual card slots in the front, 3 less used cards in the pocket that goes out the top, and a couple insurance cards in the pocket that opens along the side. Perfect for my needs.

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