Announcing Cake Day

Cake Day is the next product I’ll be releasing under my own company Overpowered Games.  It’s one of the projects inspired by my earlier thinking about Unity used for non-game apps (the one actually described in that post is shelved for now).  Yeah it might be odd to release it under my Overpowered Games brand — I’ve thought about creating a dba to release it under, but decided against it.  The name Overpowered Games was always meant to be cheeky, so to me a non-game app about cakes still fits in a weird way.


So what is Cake Day?  Essentially, it’ll let you send 3D interactive cakes to other iPhone users.  I guess it’s like an e-card, but not as lame.. I hope.  Anyway, I’ll be trying to get it on the app store by June.  I’ll be finishing two other apps by then as well (collaborations with other startups), so the next couple months will be extremely busy.


You can check out Cake Day’s website at


Here’s a bonus shot from inside the Unity editor:

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