Urban Zombie on Kickstarter

I wanted to share something a few of us have been working on as part of Studio 2511. Urban Zombie is an augmented reality shooter for iPhone — the aim is to bring the zombie apocalypse to your city. Zombies are persistant at real world locations — you check in, the server finds what zombies are at that location, and you deal with them. You can even place your own zombies for others to fight — place your zombie at your friend’s favorite coffee shop, and the next time your friend checks in there they might fight your zombie. Later you can go back to that location and cash in on any earnings that zombie has collected.

Link to Kickstarter page (with video)

During gameplay, you’re looking through the camera on your phone and zombies come out of the ground from all directions. Point and shoot to take them down before they get too close. Thrust your phone forward to push zombies away.

We’re hoping to bring augmented reality out of the novelty space. In the next few years, these phones are going to be capable of doing some awesome stuff with AR. We’re looking to Kickstarter to raise funds to get across the finish line. We’ve proven it’s all possible and now we’re just expanding the features. It’s been entirely self-funded but we’re running out of cash and there’s a lot more we want to do with the game.

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